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I work with a group of other faculty and students in the Communication and Networking Group at Northwestern. My research spans a variety of topics related to wireless communications, communication networks, social networks and network economics. I approach these areas mainly through the use of mathematical models to gain insights into the performance of existing systems and the design of new systems. For this we draw on techniques from algorithms, optimization, stochastic modeling, game theory and information theory.

Specific topics I am currently working on include:

  • Market design and wireless spectrum sharing.
  • Combining game theory and information theory for secure wireless networking.
  • Diffusions and information cascades in social networks.
  • Distributed control of wireless networks.

Previous topics also include distributed MAC algorithms for wireless networks, dynamic scheduling in cellular networks, power and content aware wireless multimedia communication, traffic grooming in WDM based optical networks, and traffic control in TCP/IP networks.

More details about any this work can be found by looking at our publications.