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The Student Chapter of the Optical Society of America at Northwestern University is dedicated to bringing together students, faculty, and professionals with informational talks, informal meetings, and field trips in order to generate interest and provide insight in the rapidly growing field of optics. Anyone can join, just come by our meetings or talks or send an email to one of the officers.

What is optics?

The field of optics covers many subjects. An incomplete list includes: geometrical optics (the kind used by optometrists, physicists, engineers,...), fiber optics, optical imaging, atmospheric optics, optical computing, optical communications, lasers, nonlinear optics, quantum optics, microscopy, optical materials, and many more.

Optics plays a role in much of everyday life: telephone calls are routed on optical fiber cables, supermarket checkouts use optical scanning to read bar codes, cameras and eyeglasses are designed with optical techniques, just to name a few of the common applications. The NWU-OSA members hope that we can provide a forum to bring together people from many disciplines to share their knowledge and interest others in optics.


Student Outreach

The NWU-OSA has developed an outreach program to local schools. This program shows several optical phenomena with hands on demonstrations along with an educational talk that we steers students towards the field of optics. This demonstration was given to students in many schools in Chicago area as well as to the Northwestern University Cherub students. An article that describes a few experiments that appear in the demonstrations appears in Light Touch of the May 1995 issue of OPN. Or you can look at the online version.


How does one become an OSA member? It's easy, check out the membership pages or send an email to NWU-OSA.


NWU-OSA maintains a list of Optics publications by Northwestern University students and faculty. To submit an abstract or publication to this database send mail to NWU-OSA with your address and the location and format (e.g. postscript, text, etc.) of the article or abstract, or go to the Paper Submission page.

Calendar of Events

Check out what's happening at NWU-OSA!

NWU-OSA Student Chapter Officers

Jay Sharping
Paul Voss
Greg Kanter

Faculty Advisor:

Prof. Prem Kumar

Any questions about the NWU-OSA Chapter can be addressed to Prem Kumar.

Last Modified: November, 2000