Abhishek Das

Abhishek Das


Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Northwestern University

Now at:

Intel Corporation

Contact Information :

2111 NE 25th Avenue
Hillsboro, OR 97124
Phone: (503) 264-2514 (office)
Email: abhishek .dot. das .at. intel .dot. com

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                About Me:

Hi! I have completed my Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS) at Northwestern University. I was affiliated with the Center for Ultra Scale Computing and Information Security (CUCIS) and the Microarchitecture Research Group, where I had the pleasure of working with profs. Alok Choudhary , Gokhan Memik , and Nikos Hardavellas. Currently, I work for Intel Corporation. Before coming to grad school, I got my bachelors degree (B.Tech.) in Computer Science and Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Kharagpur. I was born and raised in the beautiful city of Kolkata in India. Thanks for visiting my webpage; I hope to update it frequently.

Current News:


-- Paper on 'Dynamic Directories' presented at DATE 2012. Find the softcopy below.


-- Got hooded at the Northwestern University's commencement ceremony.Some pics here.


-- First day at work at Intel.


-- Defended my Ph.D. dissertation; I am officially a Doctor now!


-- Paper on 3D-stacked microarchitectures accepted in DAC 2010.


-- DATE 2010 paper accepted.


-- MICRO paper presented at Lake Como, Italy.


-- Paper presented in DATE 2008 held at Munich, Germany.


-- Conference paper presented in ICCD 2007 held at Olympic Valley, CA


-- Back to school after finishing summer stint with Intel at Hillsboro, OR


-- Workshop paper presented at the ASGI workshop of ISCA 2007 held at San Diego, CA

Research Interests:

Publications (in reverse chronological order):



Courses (at Northwestern):

  1. ECE 361 Computer Architecture

  2. ECE 358 Introduction to Parallel Computing

  3. ECE 510 Power & Reliability of Architectures

  4. ECE 394  ASIC & FPGA Design

  5. ECE 453 Advanced Computer Architecture II

  6. CS 336  Design & Analysis of Algorithms

  7. ECE 452 Advanced Computer Architecture I

  8. EECS 394 VLSI System Design

  9. EECS 493 Design & Analysis of Integrated Circuits

  10. EECS 510 Advanced Data Mining

  11. EECS 499 Independent Study

  12. EECS 545 Teaching Experience

  13. EECS 510 Temperature-Aware and Low-Power Design and Synthesis of Integrated Circuits and Systems

  14. IEMS 419 Technological Entrepreneurship

  15. EECS 510 Interconnection Networks

  16. EECS 546 Teaching Experience II

  17. EECS 495 Advanced Architectural Techniques in Processor Design


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